Q: Is the PLC Youth Leadership Conference for groups of students only? What if I want to attend as an individual?

A: The Prevention Leadership Conference is targeted to youth groups who are interested and passionate about making a difference in their communities regarding substance use prevention.  Individual students are certainly more than welcome to attend and will participate in all of the same programming and activities.


Q:  What kind of activities happen at PLC?

A:  Every year is different and unique, and if we told you EVERYTHING here, it would ruin part of the fun! However, with an emphasis on ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) prevention, you can expect that the content starts there! You will hear from nationally known motivational speakers, participate in engaging workshops that are designed for teens, and connect with students from throughout the St. Louis area, and from around the state!  There will be ample opportunity to network with other participants and share prevention strategies and ideas.  A wide range of unique activities from team challenges and service projects to karaoke and giant Jenga may also show up on the agenda – you have to stay tuned!


Q:  Will youth stay together in a hotel room or be divided up?

A:  Youth Participants from each school or community group will be assigned to the same hotel rooms if possible (separated into girls and boys rooms) – each participant has an opportunity to name at least ONE friend they would like to room with, and every effort will be made to make sure that request is honored!


(Adult Participants)

Q:  Does an adult have to attend with students from a school, group or organization?

A:  Yes!  When sending a group of students from one school or community group, we ask that you send an Adult with your students.  This adult will stay overnight in a room separate from the youth participants,  but will learn, have fun and be on hand at all times to help with any projects the group would like to pursue following the Conference.  If possible, please send a male chaperone for a group of male youth and a female chaperone for a group of female youth. There is no limit to the number of Adult Participants that a school or community group can send.


Q:  Is it the same cost for the Adult Participants as it is for the youth?

A:  Yes. Because youth and adults will have a similar conference experience, the cost is the same for Adult and Youth Participants — $50.00 which covers the cost of all Conference/activity fees, meals and overnight accommodations.


Q:  Do the Adult Participants do everything that the youth do?

A:  You bet! Adult Participants follow the same schedule general schedule as the youth, but will attend breakout sessions geared specifically to meet their needs and interests as adult prevention leaders.


Q:  Are the adults expected to stay in the same rooms with the youth?

A: No, adults will stay in separate rooms, but every effort will be made for adult chaperones to be placed in rooms close to their students.


Group Registration

Q:  How can I register a whole group of students?

A: The easiest way to register your group is to have each student fill out the online registration form, with help from an advisor or parent.  Participant payment information is collected at the time of registration, and payment options include Credit Card or Check. If the group is to be invoiced at a later date, simply choose “pay by check” to complete registration.


If you have additional questions, please email Lori Krueger or Danna Squires or call (314) 962-3456.